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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2nd Theme: Gender Bender

\('_' \) Winner: Kali Fontecchio (/ '_')/

Jason Han
I bought a munny when I went to go get Danny a Munny. I made mine into Bubble from Bubble Bobble. This was a mock-up for a site banner.
Bubble <3>

Jason Han
Tank Boy: Part Deux

This one is an homage to the original tank girl cover (top).

Kimberly Tsai
Kirby Pinup

Tank Boy
Jason Han
Re Arted Tank Girl
This isnt my offical submission. I just got bored so i decided to do a few thumbnails. Did this in like 30 minutes. I'll do another (better) Tank Boy.

Sacha Penn

Tin Tin & Snowy

By Kali Fontecchio 2009
Hello Kitty

Wild Speculations ( Jason Han )
Theres rumors going around on whos doing what character for the genderswap.
I might be able to leak some insider information on it.

Jason: A dynamic duo based on a UK publication.
Danny: A justice dealer who takes the law into his own hands. You might even say he brings bad guys Fear and Grief. (and no, its not Batman)
Geizi: Popular figure from from the Big N franchise.

So yeah, these are speculations. Your just gonna have to wait and see.

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